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Name:Dr. Riley Bryant
Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York
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Riley is one half of a fraternal twin set with his sister, Kate. Riley’s full name, which he hates, is Riley Paris Bryant, his parents sticking with a middle name of the place he was conceived. He was born three minutes earlier than Kate and although they are like chalk and cheese in both looks and personality, they are lucky to say they are very close and always have been. This isn’t to say they don’t fight like cats and dogs when needed and they continuously tease and snipe at each other. At opposite ends of the scale, Kate is a passionate law enforcement officer being a Special Agent with the FBI with a bit of a wild streak that helps her easily slip in and out of various characters when she goes undercover, where Riley, the more serious and studious of the pair, chose the completely different route and became a doctor.

Riley’s choice to become a doctor unfortunately didn’t stem from any childhood hopes and dreams like his sister’s career began. In fact, Riley grew up wanting to be a vet and his best friend through his early school years was the family dog, Cooper. When he was 16, Riley made one of the biggest mistakes of his life during a brief period of rebellion from his parent’s strange notions of life – he got into a car with a drunk driver. The car crash was horrific; the driver was killed and Riley and his other friend nearly lost their lives too. Riley suffered a head injury and had to have his spleen surgically removed. To this day, he can still be victim of terrible migraines resulting from the head injury, though he is thankful every day he still has his life. It led to his decision to become a doctor when he became overly curious about the career path during his recuperation in hospital following the accident.

Although beginning med school at New York University, Riley was soon offered a scholarship to one of the top medical schools in the world, Edinburgh University. After working his butt off to consistently top his classes, Riley snapped the opportunity up and studied the last two years of his MD in Edinburgh, followed by a one year internship at the Royal Edinburgh Infirmary in Intensive Care. He then returned home to New York to complete a four year residency in Emergency Medicine, finally bringing him back closer to his family and his twin sister, who he missed terribly in the three years away.

During his stay in Edinburgh, Riley met Lachlan Campbell on a pub crawl one night about two years into his stay in Britain. Lachlan shared stories of his own time at Edinburgh University and they became friends. Lachlan had been working at the Infirmary when Riley was due to begin his internship, but just after he started, Lachlan packed up and moved to America when he was offered a job in Princeton. They kept in touch and when he couldn't handle being that far from his sister any longer, he applied for a Residency in Mount Sinai's Emergency Department, which gave him the opportunity to return to America. He returned barely a day before Lachlan married his fiancée, Tara and was able to attend the wedding at short notice and celebrate the couple's special day after the horror of Lachlan's shooting that he luckily survived and was slowly recovering from.

A year and a half after arriving in Scotland, Lachlan decided to take it upon himself and play cupid for Riley. He introduced him to childhood friend, Mary Mackinnon. After spending the night making eyes at each other across the pub, Riley and Mary shared a kiss in Princes Street Gardens and spent the night together. This was the start of a wonderful year-long romance which led to Riley deciding to propose to Mary. It was never meant to be, however. They broke up following an argument when Riley told Beth he wanted to move back to America and Riley hadn't really dated much since then.

In July 2008, whilst on a shift in the ER at Mount Sinai, Riley encountered a mentally ill, drug addicted patient who presented wanting drugs. He became violet and forced Riley to the ground at the end of a used IV needle. He stabbed Riley in the throat with it, and that night was the start of some extremely painful and difficult times for Riley, fearing the needle had been infected. He was dosed with massive amounts of post-exposure antibiotics and began the excruciating three-month wait for the results of his HIV test. Riley's luck was against him, however, and with the removal of his spleen following the car crash in his teens, he was at a higher risk of infection and received the bad news that he was HIV Positive in September 2008, which sent Riley's world crashing down around him. He managed to see through the dark times, however, with his sister helping him through the ordeal as best she could. It was a huge learning curve for both of them but it brought them even closer together after the long separation. Riley learned to cope with his illness, accepting that it was something he just had to deal with, and picked up the pieces to get back on with his life.

Now, Riley is a Senior Attending in Emergency Medicine at Mount Sinai when he used his own traumatic experience to strengthen as a doctor. He is extremely careful with his condition and hyper-aware of exposure risks. He lives in a small studio apartment a few blocks from the hospital, and when he's not working, he's hanging out with his sister or friends.

Riley comes across as a mostly quiet and studious person, although he has a cheeky and mischievous streak that comes out through his sharp sense of humour. He likes to have a good laugh and joke, though when it comes to his work, he is professional, committed and reliable, often working ridiculously long hours without complaint. His quiet and relaxed nature is often mistaken as him having an air of shyness, though it’s deceiving in that he’s deeply confident in himself and will speak his mind if he feels strongly enough about something.

Riley is bisexual, though Kate likes to tease him about being gay (an inside joke, considering she is a lesbian). Although he occasionally used to partake in casual sex, it’s wasn't really his cup of tea, preferring to date a person first before sleeping with them. He backed off that when he was diagnosed with HIV and his life feels like one big long dry spell sometimes. He has had a couple of serious relationships during his time, even coming close to proposing to his ex before they had a huge row about him wanting to take a job in America and ended up splitting rather messily. His looks assure that he never really struggles to find a date, often attracting the women who have a soft spot for the studious types or men in glasses. Of course, being a doctor who spends his days in scrubs also helps. Riley mostly hopes to continue to achieve in his career, but also to meet someone and settle down with a family of his own – and not name his kids after cities of the world.

Riley is an Original Character with the [community profile] dreamlikenewyork PSL.

This is an RP journal for character Dr Riley Browne, an original character. Written entries by [personal profile] pullmysteth in [community profile] dreamlikenewyork or other muse communities is original work and owned by his creator. Riley is portrayed by actor Hayden Christensen and is in no way affiliated to Hayden Christensen.

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